OFC 2024: Explore Cutting-edge 800G/400G Optical Modules at NADDOD Booth#1423

NADDOD Mark News Writer Mar 14, 2024

In the AI era, computing power is king. The rapid iteration of AI large models has placed higher demands on data center network architecture, driving its rapid evolution towards low latency, high speed, and low power consumption. High-speed optical modules have become an important factor in promoting the rapid popularization and development of AI applications.


As the most authoritative, largest-scale, and historically significant international event in the field of optical communication, the 49th Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC2024) will grandly open at the San Diego Convention Center in California, USA from March 26th to 28th, 2024.




During this event, NADDOD will showcase its impressive 800G/400G InfiniBand NDR series cutting-edge high-speed connectivity products and solutions. The focus will be on exhibiting leading optical module products such as OSFP-800G-2xSR4H, OSFP-800G-2DR4LH, OSFP-800G-2xFR4H, OSFP-400G-SR4H, OSFP-400G-DR4H, OSFP-800G-CU1H, O2Q56-400G-CU1H, O2O112-800G-CU1H,O4O112-800G-CUTH, O2Q56-400G-A3H, etc. NADDOD will demonstrate its latest achievements and best practices in optical connectivity products for global partners in AI, high-performance computing, and applications such as ChatGPT4.0 and Sora.


NDR Transceivers


NDR Cables


As a leading provider of comprehensive optical network solutions, NADDOD possesses top-notch capabilities in research and development, manufacturing, and technical services in the industry. It has deep technical expertise and rich project experience in the fields of data centers, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence. NADDOD continuously provides users with innovative, efficient, and reliable computing and network products, solutions, and services.




We eagerly look forward to your visit to the NADDOD booth, #1423, at OFC2024, where you can appreciate and experience NADDOD's cutting-edge optical connectivity products. You will have the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions and exchanges with our expert team, collaborate on development strategies, and discuss the future of optical communication!