Why Autonomous Vehicles Are Using InfiniBand?

NADDOD Abel InfiniBand Expert May 16, 2023

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) require high-speed, low-latency communication networks to enable real-time decision-making and seamless communication between various on-board systems. Infiniband technology provides an attractive solution for AVs, as it offers both high bandwidth and low latency communication.
Infiniband for AVs

What Is InfiniBand?

Infiniband is a high-speed interconnect technology designed for data center and supercomputing applications. It provides a reliable, high-speed connection between computers, storage systems, and other devices, with a low latency and high bandwidth. Infiniband provides a standardized, low-level interface for transmitting data, which enables high-performance communication between components.

Applications of InfiniBand in Autonomous Vehicles

In autonomous vehicles, Infiniband can be used to connect the various on-board systems, such as the sensors, cameras, and control systems. This high-speed interconnect can be used to transmit large amounts of data, such as sensor readings, video, and control commands, quickly and reliably. This can help ensure that the vehicle’s systems can make real-time decisions based on the latest information, without being hindered by slow communication.

Infiniband can also be used to connect multiple autonomous vehicles in a network, allowing them to communicate and coordinate with each other. This could be especially useful in scenarios where multiple vehicles are working together, such as in convoy or platooning applications. The low latency and high bandwidth of Infiniband can help ensure that the vehicles can communicate quickly and effectively, enabling them to coordinate their actions and make real-time decisions.

Another potential application of Infiniband in autonomous vehicles is for offloading computation-intensive tasks. For example, Infiniband can be used to connect an on-board computing cluster to the vehicle’s control systems. This would allow the vehicle to offload complex tasks, such as image and video processing, to the cluster, freeing up the control systems to focus on other tasks.


In conclusion, Infiniband technology provides a reliable, high-speed interconnect that can be used to support the communication and coordination needs of autonomous vehicles. With its low latency and high bandwidth, Infiniband can help ensure that autonomous vehicles can make real-time decisions based on the latest information, and coordinate their actions with other vehicles in a network. As the demand for autonomous vehicles continues to grow, the use of Infiniband is likely to become increasingly important for enabling the reliable and efficient operation of these vehicles.

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