Manufacturing Industry HPC Cluster Introduction

Feb 23, 2023


What High-Performence Applications and Needs Are There in Manufacturing?

High-performance applications in manufacturing include automation, robotics, data analytics, machine learning, predictive maintenance, and 3D printing for product design, assembly, and safe production. These technologies help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality. Plus, it helps reduce waste and increase workplace safety.

Production Safety Detection
Image Detection for Production Activities and Production Safety.

Product Production Inspection
Image Inspection for Product Quality and Appearance Defects.

Automate Work Through Deep Learning Combined with Embedded.

Assembly Line
Reduce Construction Costs Through Digital Twins Construction Pipeline.

Product Design Software
Using GPU to Accelerate the Processing Efficiency of Industrial Design Software.

Product Model Rendering
Accelerated Rendering Speed Through GPU 3D Graphics Rendering Capabilities.

What Software Stacks Are Typically Used in Manufacturing HPC Clusters?

The software stack typically used in manufacturing HPC clusters includes Linux, HPC middleware, and job schedulers. In addition to open-source software such as Apache Spark, many users are adopting dedicated software such as his NVIDIA DeepStream to build powerful general-purpose AI work and image rendering load clusters. These software stacks help manage and optimize the performance of your cluster.

  • NVIDIA DeepStream
  • YOLOv5 Image Detection
  • NVIDIA Omniverss Digital Twins
  • NVIDIA vGPU Virtualization Technology
  • Deep Learning Framework
  • CUDA-X

What Hardware Are Typically Used in Manufacturing HPC Cluster?

Like HPC clusters in other industries, a manufacturing HPC cluster infrastructure typically contains high-performance computing servers, storage, and networking equipment from top vendors like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, HPE, etc. in the data center. These may include GPU and CPU servers and storage, and networking firewalls, routers, switches, adapter cards, optical cables and transceivers (which were usually from Mellanox in the past), from different HPC hardware providers.

Need AI Computing Power & Image Rendering Capability?
Recommended GPUs: NVIDIA A100/A30/A40/A10

Need Low-latency Access to Storage, and Supports for GPUDirect RDMA?
Use high-performance NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand NICs.

Need Connectivity Assemblies to Build Low-Latency and High-Performance InfiniBand Cluster?
Use 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand active optical cables/passive copper cables/transceivers.