What Are the Functions and Advantages of PoE Switches?

NADDOD Jason Dec 30, 2022

A PoE Switch is a switch that supports network cable power supply. It can not only realize the data transmission function of ordinary switches, but also supply power to network terminals at the same time. So, do you want to learn more functions and advantages of PoE switches? Following, let me introduce it more to you.

Advantages of PoE Switches

1. The 250-meter ultra-network extended power supply mode makes wiring easy

The PoE switch adopts unique research and development patented technology, through the function integration of the switch chip, realizes the VLAN isolation technology between the PoE power supply port for 250 meters long-distance transmission and the downlink port, meets the long-distance security monitoring power supply transmission requirements, improves data forwarding efficiency, and drives distance Far supermarket is a 4-port PoE switch that can only reach a distance of 150 meters. The PoE switch provides 5 10/100M self-adaptive RJ45 ports, ports 1 to 4 have PoE function, and the fifth port can be used as an uplink port to maximize the utilization of PoE power supply ports; when the Extend (network extension) mode is turned on, ports 1-4 can only communicate with port 5 of the uplink port, respectively. Ports 1-4 are isolated from each other and cannot transmit data. At this time, the NVR network hard disk video recorder or the cascaded upper-level network cable should be connected to the 5th port.

Its core chip adopts the top PoE power supply chip in the United States, which is stable and reliable; when the port is not connected, it will automatically enter the standby mode to save energy, which is green and environmentally friendly; the port lightning protection design increases the anti-surge performance of the product. It is especially suitable for millions of high-definition monitoring systems, which can not only improve the image of the project, but also greatly save installation costs.

Advantages of POE Ethernet Switches

2. Compatible with various network cameras in the field of security protection and monitoring

Million high-definition security dedicated PoE switch is mainly used in the monitoring field, so compatibility in the network camera project has become one of the important features of the PoE switch.

PoE switches are compatible with IP cameras, mainly in two aspects, the first is the PoE power supply function. The PoE switch adopts the international standard IEEE802.3af/at design, and adopts the industry-leading 8-core power supply end-span method (1236 and 4578 line sequences can supply power at the same time), which reduces the material loss of the network cable by more than half compared with similar products. The transmission power is higher and the driving distance is longer. It is perfectly suitable for the PoE function settings of cameras commonly used by Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview, Tiandi Weiye, and Tongwei.

Secondly, it is the data communication function. Security monitoring has high requirements on the throughput and delay of switches. Fluency and stability of video transmission are the elements of security monitoring networking. Tenda TEF1105P power supply switch products have excellent performance in data communication functions. will be evaluated in depth.

3. Unique double-sided heat dissipation design improves stability and prolongs product usage time

Compared with ordinary switches, PoE switch products consume more power and generate more heat. Therefore, an excellent heat dissipation solution is an important guarantee for the stability of PoE switches. The poe switch adopts a double-sided design in which plug-in components and patch components are separated, and the internal heat dissipation is layered and isolated to more effectively ensure the stable operation of the switch.

The PoE switch adopts dual-mode heat dissipation. The PoE chip, switch chip and plug-in electronic components are mounted separately, and the iron shell is used for heat dissipation. The unique heat dissipation mode ensures the high stability and long life of the product.

In addition, the PoE switch also adopts waist-shaped heat dissipation holes on the side of the fuselage. The internal heat sink dissipates heat and the vents on both sides dissipate heat. The heat dissipation design from the inside to the outside ensures the stable operation of product components.

4. Desktop and wall-mounted dual installation design

The PoE switch is designed for security monitoring applications. It adopts dual modes of installation. It can be installed on a desktop or wall-mounted, meeting the needs of on-site installation of security projects in many ways.

5. Powerful data processing capability to ensure the stable operation of the network

The backplane bandwidth of the switch is the maximum amount of data that can be handled between the switch interface processor/interface card and the data bus. It marks the total data exchange capability of the switch. The higher the backplane bandwidth of a switch, the stronger the ability to process data, but at the same time the higher the design cost. The PoE switch adopts store-forward data forwarding architecture, large cache switching chip, all ports support wire-speed forwarding, to meet the application of large data traffic; up to 1Gbps backplane bandwidth, to meet the full-speed forwarding needs of 5 100M ports, and can be connected at the same time 4 sets of 720P high-definition infrared cameras.

Functions of PoE Switches

A typical Power over Ethernet system. Keep the Ethernet switch equipment in the wiring cabinet, and use a power supply hub (Midspan HUB) to provide power to the twisted pair of LANs. At the end of the twisted pair, this power is used to power phones, wireless access points, cameras, and other devices. To avoid power outages, a UPS can be selected.

It can supply power to POE terminal equipment such as wireless AP, network camera, network phone, and handheld computer through the network cable. The transmission distance can reach 100m, and the installation is simple, plug and play. It is very suitable for wireless city, security monitoring and other industries.

Generally speaking, the PoE switch is a very cost-effective security switch, and it is also very intelligent. For example, when we are not connected to the PoE switch, the switch will automatically enter standby mode to save energy. It is green and environmentally friendly, which is also for consumers. The installation cost is the best choice for network high-definition video surveillance.