400G QSFP-DD / OSFP Transceiver | 400G Transceiver Modules
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400GBASE-DR4 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 500m SMF Module for Cisco
AristaGenericCiscoJuniperDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)
400GBASE-FR4 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 2km SMF Module for Cisco
GenericCiscoAristaJuniperDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)
400GBASE-SR8 QSFP-DD PAM4 850nm 100m MMF Module for Cisco
GenericCiscoJuniperAristaDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)
400GBASE-LR4 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 10km SMF Module for Cisco
GenericCiscoJuniperAristaDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)
400GBASE-ER8 QSFP-DD PAM4 1310nm 40km SMF Module for Cisco
AristaGenericCiscoDellJuniperNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)
Cisco Compatible 400GBASE-SR4 QSFP-DD PAM4 850nm 100m MTP/MPO-12 Optical Transceiver Module
Mellanox Compatible 400GBASE-SR4 QSFP112 PAM4 850nm 50m MTP/MPO-12 APC Optical Transceiver Module
NVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)

Product Overview

NADDOD's 400G optical transceiver modules come in QSFP-DD (QDD-400G-SR8-S, QDD-400G-FR4-S, QDD-400G-DR4-S) and OSFP (OSFP-2x200G-FR4, OSFP-400G-DR4, OSFP-400G-SR8 ) form factors with the advantages of high bandwidth, high density, simplified cabling, and low bit cost and power consumption, which are used widely in High-Performance Computing, Data Centers, Enterprise Networks, Telecom, and Wireless Networks. With a single port speed of 100G to 400G, the transmission bandwidth per RU has increased from 3.2-3.6T to 12.8-14.4T/RU, which can meet the needs of high bandwidth. At the same time, the 400G to 4x100G connection method can achieve a higher density of 100G ports, reducing the space occupied in the data center. Additionally, compared with using multiple 100G modules, using a single 400G module can not only simplify the cabling complexity but also reduce the procurement and maintenance costs, because the bit cost and power consumption of a single 400G optical transceiver are lower than the total of four 100G modules. NADDOD has compatible transceivers for devices from Cisco, Juniper, Dell, NVIDIA/Mellanox, Arista, etc. We also support customized compatibility to meet specific requirements. If you need a high-speed and high-density 400G solution, NADDOD's 400G optical transceiver module is your ideal choice.

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