NADDOD Optical Products Were Deployed in GSI Data Center Upgrade Project

NADDOD Jason Data Center Architect Mar 9, 2023


Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd (GSI), China, was established in 1954 from the restructuring of Guangzhou Shipyard. It is the first listed shipbuilding company in China. In recent 10 years, GSI has been trying its best to improve its business level in terms of cost, delivery and quality. It aims to gain more reasonable control of production rhythm, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and resource usage, while carrying out real-time comprehensive monitoring, and tracking quality problems.

To achieve these goals, the use of data is crucial and should be planned at the first step. GSI considered the network media transformation from electricity to light, and a shift to all-optical-based network interconnection to build a more sustainable development path. In addition, the sea area’s physical environment, the particularity of the signal reception and transmission of the wide area network made the requirements for the hardware of optical network products more stringent.


During the network upgrade, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise and realize “seamless” network upgrade.

In GSI’s annual data center transformation plan, it is necessary to respond to the urgent requirements of scalable business development. Therefore, when it comes to the specific implementation of the network system, high-bandwidth, high-performance, and sustainable upgrade of all-optical Ethernet deployment are requiered. At the access layer, it was necessary to replace the old 100/1000M switches with copper RJ45 interfaces and to 10GbE switches with optical SFP+ ports. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the stability of data during the transformation period, and realize non-perceived “seamless” network upgrade, without affecting the operation of the enterprise. This is a complex and cumbersome option for any data center retrofit, requiring a thorough and rigorous testing process.

Why Choose NADDOD?

GSI needed to upgrade the data center network according to the business needs in the next five years, and needed to purchase optical network products that could fulfill all the requirements. The project manager hoped to find an independent brand optical network manufacturer domestically that can compete with international standards in terms of quality and technical level. NADDOD has successfully won the choice of GSI by promoting a network solution design that was completely in line with the standards of international, high-quality products, and the accumulation of superb manufacturing levels in serving international customers for nearly 20 years.

After multiple rounds of comparison tests, the excellent performance of NADDOD optical modules gradually become more obvious, whether it is the compatibility to various devices, the convenience of plug-and-play, the agility of instant connect and up, the stability of network transmission, and the good adaptation to the industrial environment. From the test results, NADDOD products have obtained quite ideal test performance, which fully meets the requirements of GSI for the safety, stability and efficiency of optical network transmission.

In addition to the test of the products, NADDOD’s pre-sales and after-sales services, maintenance services during the implementation of network construction and normal operation and maintenance, etc., have also won the favor of GSI. NADDOD has achieved the “double excellence” presentation of “standard international quality and door-to-door service”, which made our customer feel at ease and choose NADDOD.

GSI’s Comments on NADDOD

The project manager of Guangzhou Shipyard International said that after this time, they would actively carry out further cooperation with NADDOD in the future, to deploy more widely of NADDOD optical products from the edge to the core.