NADDOD at GTC24: Review AI Highlights and Explore the Technology Frontier

NADDOD Mark News Writer Apr 2, 2024

NVIDIA's GTC24 was held March 18-21 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. NADDOD was honoured to be there and listened to the keynote addressed by NVIDIA's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. Along with the release of NVIDIA Blackwell, NIM, and Omniverse Cloud API, we witnessed Jensen opens an Era of AI. Besides the impressive sessions, we also enjoyed the cutting-edge products of AI in all areas at the exhibition.




Now, follow this article to review some highlights of the conference.


Firstly, Nvidia has unveiled the Blackwell platform. Following in Hopper’s footsteps, the new system is both more powerful and more efficient, using around 25 times less energy and costs 25 times less to run generative AI large language models.


Secondly, the new software platform, Nvidia NIM is impressive. It is to facilitate the integration of both custom and pre-trained AI models into production settings. And will make it smoother to deploy AI models into production.


Lastly, one thing that we should not miss is the Omniverse Cloud API. Omniverse is a computing platform that provides sophisticated simulation capabilities to bring AI into the real world, powering a number of industrial digital twin software tools.


In addition to the important launches mentioned above, Jensen Huang also unveiled in his speech the new network switch X800 series, GB200 super chip, humanoid robot base model Project GR00T, etc. Jensen announced a series of AI advances and future directions, which give us a deep sense of the power and infinite possibilities of technological innovation.




At GTC24, the NADDOD team had the honor to take a photo with Jensen Huang, who is not only an outstanding leader, but also a pioneer with passion and vision for technology. He shared with us his insights on the development of AI, which benefited us a lot and inspired us to keep exploring in technological innovation.





After the conference, we had a great opportunity to visit NVIDIA's headquarter. As the world's leading AI computing company, NVIDIA's headquarters is not only the cradle of technological innovation, but also a model of technological culture. During the visit, we gained an in-depth understanding of NVIDIA's latest technologies and products in the field of artificial intelligence and other areas, and felt their unique charm in science and technology innovation.






The GTC trip ended with great success, and the NADDOD team will continue to explore and move forward to provide our customers and partners with high-speed products and solutions, and to fuel the development of AI.


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