In-Depth Look at NADDOD's OSFP 800G DR8 and 400G DR4 InfiniBand NDR Transceivers

NADDOD Peter Optics Technician Jun 5, 2024

In the realm of high-performance computing and data centers, advanced optical transceiver modules are crucial for efficient, long-distance, low-power consumption data transmission. NADDOD, a leader in optical networking solutions, offers a range of transceiver modules fully compatible with NVIDIA's offerings, including the 800G OSFP DR8 (MMS4X00-NS and MMS4X00-NM) and the 400G OSFP DR4 (MMS4X00-NS400).

The 800G OSFP DR8 features Broadcom DSP chips, advanced optical integration, and efficient heat dissipation with a finned-top for air-cooled switches, ensuring stable operation in high-density environments. The 400G OSFP DR4, designed with a flat top for Network Interface Card (NIC) or Host Channel Adapter (HCA) use, also ensures efficient data transmission while maintaining stability. These 400G OSFP DR4 transceivers (on the NIC/HCA side) are often paired with 800G OSFP DR8 transceivers (on the switch side) to provide a flexible and scalable solution.


NADDOD 800G OSFP DR8 Twin-Port Single Mode - MMS4X00-NS

The 800G OSFP DR8 Twin-Port Single Mode module (MMS4X00-NS) from NADDOD is designed for data centers requiring high bandwidth and efficient data transmission over long distances. Key features include:
  • Twin-Port OSFP: Supports 2x400Gbps lanes.
  • Data Rate: 800Gbps total throughput.
  • Reach: Up to 100 meters using two single mode MPO-12/APC fibers.
  • Advanced Cooling: Equipped with a finned-top for air-cooled switches.
  • Application: Used in Quantum-2 and Spectrum-4 air-cooled switches to switches, ConnectX-7 and BlueField-3 DPUs.

MMS4X00-NS - naddod

NADDOD 800G OSFP DR8 Twin-Port Single Mode - MMS4X00-NM

The 800G OSFP DR8 Twin-Port Single Mode module (MMS4X00-NM) offers similar high-performance capabilities with extended reach. Key features include:
  • Twin-Port OSFP: Supports 2x400Gbps lanes.
  • Data Rate: 800Gbps total throughput.
  • Reach: Up to 500 meters using two single mode MPO-12/APC fibers.
  • Advanced Cooling: Equipped with a finned-top for air-cooled switches.
  • Application: Used to link Quantum-2 or Spectrum-4 air-cooled switches together.

mms4x00-nm - naddod


NADDOD 400G OSFP DR4 Single-Port Single Mode - MMS4X00-NS400

The 400G OSFP DR4 Single-Port Single Mode module (MMS4X00-NS400) is perfect for data centers needing high bandwidth over shorter distances. Key features include:
  • Single-Port OSFP: Supports 400Gbps data rate.
  • Data Rate: 400Gbps total throughput.
  • Reach: Up to 100 meters using a single mode MPO-12/APC fiber.
  • Advanced Cooling: Designed with a flat top and utilizes the riding heat sink (cooling fins) on the HCA connector cage.
  • Application: Ideal for high-density data center applications where space and power efficiency are critical.
mms4x00-ns400 - naddod

Maximizing Your Network with NADDOD: Capabilities and Practical Applications

The Twin-port transceiver is a key innovation for expanding the 400G NDR InfiniBand switch capabilities. The switches use Twin-port OSFP cages supporting two transceiver engines in a single OSFP form-factor plug creating 800Gb/s electrical to the switch and 2x400G optics using two MPO/-12/APC optical connectors. This makes them an ideal combination for connecting switches and HCAs over long distances and improving performance. They can bring the following benefits to your infrastructure:
  • Distance Management: Single-mode solutions like the OSFP 400G DR4 and OSFP 800G DR8 ensure efficient data transmission over greater distances, outperforming multimode solutions.
  • Cost Efficiency: By optimizing the layout of data center equipment, single mode transceivers can be seamlessly combined with cost-effective DAC cables. This approach balances costs and enhances overall performance without compromising transmission distance.
  • Stability and Reliability: NADDOD’s solutions leverage single-mode transceivers, which offer higher reliability compared to multimode transceivers. This is due to the use of EML technology, which outperforms VCSEL in terms of stability and fault rates. Additionally, 800G OSFP DACs provide enhanced stability in short-distance transmissions. This combination ensures your network maintains low failure rates and delivers high performance.

NADDOD’s Advantages: Testing and Data Performance

NADDOD boasts a comprehensive testing environment equipped with specialized hardware, including NVIDIA QM87XX/QM97XX series switches, ConnectX-6/7 NICs, GPU servers, and various optical transceivers, DACs, and AOCs. Our NDR networking solutions provide high performance, low latency, and low power consumption. We assist in building demo testing environments using products ranging from EDR/HDR/NDR to design and validate solutions for diverse network topologies.
NADDOD's optical transceivers, including the OSFP 800G DR8 and OSFP 400G DR4, undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. The testing process includes:
  • Hardware Compatibility: Verifying plug/unplug functionality, port restarts, and power cycles.
  • Software Compatibility: Ensuring seamless connectivity, performing shutdown/no shutdown tests, and parameter verification.
  • Performance Testing: Conducting tests for Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM), Bit Error Rate (BER), and overall stability. These tests ensure long-term operation with no packet loss, errors, or CRC issues.
For the OSFP 800G DR8 and OSFP 400G DR4 transceivers, we employ high-standard test environments focusing on Forward Error Correction (FEC), Bit Error Rate (BER), and latency performance. Our comprehensive testing includes data-intensive, fully populated scenarios and extended operation in real-world equipment setups. Here is how they performed in real-world setups:
  • Stable Operation: These NADDOD transceiver modules maintain stable operation even in switches fully populated with modules, ensuring no link failures due to overheating.
  • FEC Compatibility: The OSFP 800G DR8 and OSFP 400G DR4 modules support the latest FEC codes (272,257), providing low latency and enhanced signal quality. They are fully compatible with NVIDIA’s equipment which requires the latest FEC codes. NADDOD's optical modules are continuously and dynamically optimized to meet these FEC code requirements, ensuring full compatibility with all versions of NVIDIA equipment.
  • Lower BER: The 800G OSFP DR8 and 400G OSFP DR4 transceiver modules consistently maintain low bit error rates during long-term testing, ensuring reliable data transmission.


800G FEC & BER
Test results on the switch side
400G FEC & BERTest results on the adapter side
By leveraging these rigorous testing processes, NADDOD ensures that its transceivers deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility in the most demanding data center environments.

Enhance Data Center Performance with NADDOD’s Solution

NADDOD’s optical transceiver modules, AOCs, and DACs are designed for compatibility with leading brands like Cisco, Arista, Juniper, and NVIDIA. Our solutions cater to the needs of modern data centers by offering advanced performance, reliability, and scalability. With a comprehensive range of InfiniBand 800G/400G NDR, 200G HDR, 100G EDR, and RoCE products, we meet diverse requirements with cutting-edge technology. Our robust inventory, short delivery cycles, and 24/7 customer support make NADDOD a trusted partner for large-scale data centers and top universities. Our high-performance, reliable products ensure efficient network operations, superior data transmission, and minimal downtime, providing the scalability required for future growth. By choosing NADDOD, organizations can optimize their network infrastructure, maximize operational efficiency, and achieve significant cost savings, ensuring robust and adaptable connectivity in today's data-driven world.