112GBASE-LR4-20 QSFP28 1310nm 20km SMF Module for Cisco
GenericCiscoAristaJuniperDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)+1
100GBASE-LR4 QSFP28 1310nm 10km SMF Module for Cisco
100GBASE-LR4 QSFP28 1310nm 10km SMF Module For Generic
GenericCiscoAristaJuniperDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)+18
100GBASE-SRBD QSFP28 850nm 70m (OM3) /100m (OM4) /150m (OM5)  MMF Module for Cisco
GenericCiscoAristaJuniperDellNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)+3
100GBASE-ZR4 QSFP28 1310nm 80km (FEC) SMF Industrial Module for Cisco

Product Overview

NADDOD's 100G transceivers come in QSFP28, CFP4, CFP2, CFP form factor shapes, support 100G Ethernet and 112G OTU4 transmission protocols, and are used over Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fiber as a media. Interconnection distances ranges from 70 meters up to 80km. Portfolio comprehend 100G QSFP28 includes SR4, LR4, ER4, CWDM4 and other industry well known module types.