200G Active Optical Cables(AOC) in Data Center

NADDOD Abel InfiniBand Expert Jul 25, 2023

As the demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth in the era of big data continues to grow, there is an urgent need for a new type of product to serve as the primary transmission medium for high-performance computing and data centers. As a result, the development of optical communication transmission rates has also improved. In the face of the high-speed, high-density, low-cost, and low-power requirements of short-distance data centers in optical interconnect products, active optical cables (AOC) provide an excellent solution.


1. What is AOC ?

AOC stands for Active Optical Cable, which is an active type of cable also known as an active fiber optic cable. AOCs are equipped with both an electro-optical conversion chip and an opto-electronic conversion chip, and are used to transmit high-speed signals through optical fibers.


It is an eight-channel, pluggable, parallel, fiber optic QSFP double-density module for 2x100G Ethernet applications. This optical module is a high-performance module used for short-distance multi-channel data communication and interconnect applications. It integrates eight data channels in each direction, with a bandwidth of 8x25.78125Gbps. Each channel can use OM3 optical fiber to transmit 70m or OM4 optical fiber to transmit 100m. These modules are designed to use a multi-mode fiber optic system with a nominal wavelength of 850nm.

2. Type of 200G AOC

● There are two types of 200G AOCs: QSFP-DD AOC and QSFP56 AOC, both with a wavelength of 850nm. The QSFP56 packaging has four transmit and receive ports, with each channel capable of transmitting at speeds up to 56Gbps using PAM4 modulation. The QSFP-DD packaging has eight transmit and receive ports, with each channel capable of transmitting at speeds up to 28Gbps using NRZ modulation. The 200G AOC is used for 200G Ethernet transmission over distances of 1-100m.


● To convert a 200G AOC to 2x100G AOC, one end is connected to a single 200G optical module, and the other end is connected to two 100G optical modules, with a maximum transmission rate of 212.5Gbps. The power consumption of the 200G optical module is less than 4W, and the power consumption of the 100G optical module is less than 2.5W. This is mainly used for branching 200G Ethernet into two 100G Ethernet links in data center applications. Direct connection of 200G AOC means that both ends are 200G.


● To convert a 200G AOC to 4x50G AOC, an eight-channel full-duplex active optical cable is used, with one end connected to a single 200G optical module and the other end connected to four 50G modules, with a maximum speed of 206.25Gbps. The power consumption of the 200G module is less than 4W, and the maximum power consumption of each 50G module is less than 1.5W. This is mainly used for branching 200G Ethernet into four 50G Ethernet links in data center applications.

3. Working Principles of 200G AOC

The working principle of AOC is similar across different types. The electrical signal is input through end A and is converted to an optical signal with a specific wavelength by an electro-optical conversion device. The optical signal is then modulated, coupled, and input into the transmission optical cable. When the optical signal reaches end B, it is detected by an opto-electronic detection device and then amplified, processed, and converted to the corresponding electrical signal.

4. Applications of 200G AOC

Data centers: 200G AOC can be used for high-speed interconnect in data centers, achieving high bandwidth and low-latency data transmission.

High-performance computing: 200G AOC can be used in the field of high-performance computing to achieve high-speed and low-latency data transmission, improving computing performance.

Video surveillance: 200G AOC can be used in the field of video surveillance to achieve high-speed and stable video signal transmission.

Cloud computing: 200G AOC can be used for high-speed interconnect in cloud computing, achieving high bandwidth and low-latency data transmission, and improving cloud computing performance, speed, and stability of video signal transmission.

5. Advantages of AOC over DAC

Compared to the DAC connection method, AOC has several advantages when building high-performance network infrastructure.

(1) AOC uses optical fiber transmission, which can provide longer transmission distances of tens to hundreds of meters, while the transmission distance of DAC is usually shorter.

(2) AOC has higher transmission bandwidth and lower signal loss, which can support higher data transmission rates and more stable signal quality.

(3) The flexible design of AOC cables makes them easier to install and suitable for complex network environments.

(4) AOC cables have better electromagnetic interference resistance, which can reduce the impact of interference on data transmission and provide more reliable connections.


In summary, AOC, as an advanced optical fiber connection method, has longer transmission distances, higher bandwidth, lower signal loss, better flexibility, and stronger anti-interference capabilities compared to DAC, making it an ideal choice for building high-performance networks.

6. Where to Buy High-Quality 200G AOC Products?

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