1m (3ft) 400G QSFP-DD Active Optical Cable for Cisco
AristaGenericCiscoJuniperNVIDIA/Mellanox (Ethernet)Dell
1m (3ft)3m (10ft)5m (16ft)7m (23ft)10m (33ft)15m (49ft)+2
Cisco Compatible 3m (10ft) 400G OSFP to QSFP-DD Active Optical Cable
3m (10ft)5m (16ft)10m (33ft)15m (49ft)20m (66ft)30m (98ft)

Product Overview

NADDOD's QDD-400G-Ax is an Active Optical Cable (AOC) solution for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnect applications. The solution consists of two QSFP-DD transceivers connected via an OM4 MultiMode optical cable of different lengths for 400Gbps Ethernet interconnects. The electrical interface of the module is compliant with the 400GAUI-8 interface and compliant with QSFP-DD MSA.