1m (3ft) 200G QSFP56 to 2X100G QSFP56  Breakout InfiniBand HDR Active Optical Cable for Mellanox
HPE (InfiniBand)NADDOD (InfiniBand)
1m (3ft)3m (10ft)5m (16ft)10m (33ft)15m (49ft)20m (66ft)+2

Product Overview

NADDOD's 200G InfiniBand HDR QSFP56 Breakout AOC Compatible QSFP56 to 2x100G QSFP56 Breakout Active Optical Cable operates over Multimode Fiber. It is compliant with IEEE 802.3, QSFP56 MSA, SFF-8024, SFF-8679, SFF-8665, SFF-8636 and InfiniBand HDR. It provides a connection of a 200G QSFP56 port on one end and to two 100G QSFP56 ports on the other end, which is suitable for quick and simple connections within racks and across adjacent racks.