1m (3ft) 200G QSFP56 to 2X100G DSFP InfiniBand HDR Passive Direct Attach Copper Breakout Cable
NADDOD (InfiniBand)
1.5m (5ft)4m (13ft)1m (3ft)2m (7ft)3m (10ft)

Product Overview

NADDOD's 200G InfiniBand HDR QSFP56 Breakout DAC is high-speed, cost-effective alternatives to fiber optics in 200Gb/s InfiniBand HDR applications. It provides connectivity between system units with a 200Gb/s HDR QSFP56 port on one side and two 100Gb/s HDR100 QSFP56 ports on the other side. Rigorous cable production testing ensures best out-of-the box installation experience, performance and durability.